Patient Locator Service – Building Efficiencies and Helping Providers Focus on Care

As Health Monitoring builds its Patient Locator Service, we continue to identify new ways that the service will benefit our clients. The concept, which grew out of unmet demand for one-stop patient location information, will soon be available to provide meaningful efficiencies in emergency situations. This allows providers to remain focused on patient care.

Our PLS will be a powerful tool that consolidates timely information, helps to meet regulatory requirements, and complements emergency preparedness plans.
With PLS, concerned family members only need to make one contact to obtain patient location information. This eliminates the need for calls to EMS, hospitals, or fire departments.
It allows physicians and first responders to do what they do best—provide life-saving care—without the added burden of administrative work.

PLS was conceived following numerous incidents where families were separated from loved ones during emergency situations. These occurrences included a New Jersey highway school bus crash and a Pennsylvania Turnpike motorcoach rollover. We quickly acknowledged that a central point of contact would benefit desperate people searching for relatives.

The concept transitions well to planned events, such as concerts or large conventions. For example, if an accident happened during a public parade, having PLS set up in advance allows for streamlined communication services between patients, families, and medical services.

Learn more about Health Monitoring’s Patient Locator Service (PLS) and how it could benefit you by contacting John Maletta, vice president of sales and service, 412.231.2020, ext. x115