Creating the Patient Records of the Future

First Place – gravitytank

The first place winners sought out to identify the pain points of current medical records before beginning the actual design process. They made a few interesting assessments:

Most people have a minimal understanding of their own healthcare

Therefore, people have little ownership of their own healthcare and seek out doctors to interpret records for them

Medical records are poorly organized and should have the appearance of a grocery store receipt that lists medications, doctors, lab results, etc. in a clear order.

Based on these discoveries, they decided the solution should be designed based on these four principles: Dynamic, Holistic, Understandable and Personalized.

Second Place – StudioTACK

StudioTACK is actually an architecture firm that took on the challenge to showcase their additional talents. The project leader for StudioTACK stated, “You don’t start with design, you start with observation and analysis.” They interviewed doctors and nurses and found that most doctors do not read patient records in order. With this information, they approached the design with “problem first, timeline second” and it resulted in a design that listed what doctors needed to see in order from first to last.

Third Place – Blue Button by Method

Method discovered the Healthcare Challenge two weeks before the deadline. With limited time to do research, they approached the challenge with a focus on the different ways to present information – cell phone, tablet, computer – in order to give patients access to their records from anywhere.

The full interview is available on the Profitable Practice blog.