EpiCenter Helps Public Health Officials to Investigate Cause of Foodborne Outbreak

When a foodborne outbreak was suspected in New Jersey last week, Health Monitoring Systems’ EpiCenter Syndromic Surveillance system helped public health officials in the state to further investigate the outbreak’s cause and point of origin.

Three cases of foodborne illness were reported at a major medical center emergency room, leading the Middlesex County Health Department Epidemiologist to contact other local hospitals to see if similar symptoms were reported in their ERs. After running a report through EpiCenter, it was discovered that two other hospitals had admitted patients complaining of the same symptoms.

“We’re pleased that EpiCenter helped the public health professionals in New Jersey to quickly identify the foodborne illness outbreak,” says Kevin Hutchison, Health Monitoring Systems’ President and CEO.

“EpiCenter provides health professionals with the resources needed to manage public health outbreaks in real-time. The success of this detection comes only a few months after our successful collaboration with the state of New Jersey to measure the health impacts of Hurricane Irene—the results of which will help the state and its residents to better prepare for future weather-related health events.”