Public Health Agency Readiness for Meaningful Use Stage 2

According to the Recommendations, Public Health Agencies are strongly encouraged, though not required, to support Meaningful Use Stage 2 public health objectives. These objectives represent tremendous opportunities for Public Health Agencies to improve their surveillance capabilities. Meaningful Use Stage 2 regulations for public health objectives suggest that Public Health Officials need to perform four new administrative tasks to fully support Meaningful Use Stage 2. These processes are:

· Publicize what Meaningful Use Stage 2 objectives the Public Health Agency will support

· Register Providers that plan to submit public health data to a Public Health Agency for Meaningful Use Stage 2 objectives

· Test and validate ongoing data submissions from Providers

· Provide written communication(s) (which may be in electronic format) to Providers that have achieved ongoing submission of data relevant to public health for Meaningful Use Stage 2 objectives.

For more information, view the complete Meaningful Use Stage 2 Public Health Agency Readiness Guidance and Recommendations.