Public Health Professionals’ Meaningful Use Conference Call: Join In

In the discussions we’ve had with our EpiCenter users, one topic is on everyone’s minds—the challenges of implementing Meaningful Use and Syndromic Surveillance. Some clients have moved further along in the process than others, but the common thread we’re hearing is that a collective effort of insight, ideas, and assistance would be of great benefit.


To help our clients deal with these challenges, HMS is coordinating a conference call to bring together Public Health Professionals from across the country. We’ll frame each call with a topic, then ask for input—anything from questions to proposed solutions—to help all involved move through the issues and find a workable solution.

A number of our clients have told us that an impediment to implementation has been coordination with state Medicaid programs. And it’s no wonder. These state programs have faced a daunting task to get up and running in a hurry. The Public Health Professionals who have successfully coordinated with state Medicaid programs are finding that they’re now fielding many questions from hospitals and eligible professionals about Meaningful Use and Syndromic Surveillance.

It’s time to open up a discussion about what’s working and what is not. By sharing information and ideas, we can help to simplify the process of Meaningful Use and Syndromic Surveillance implementation.

All that we need is your assistance. We’re getting ready for the inaugural Public Health Professionals’ Meaningful Use conference call in May.  If you are not a current EpiCenter user and are interested in participating, please contact Lauren Bradford for more information.