What Does It Mean To Meet Meaningful Use Requirements?

While Syndromic Surveillance is optional in Meaningful Use stage 1, it becomes mandatory in the currently proposed stage 2 requirements. Health Monitoring Systems’ syndromic surveillance systems enable our clients to meet meaningful use requirements—provided the data submitted meets several additional criteria.

So what are the requirements to meet those criteria?

Simply put, if the transmission established uses an ONC-certified EHR system and the method of transmission uses HL7 2.3.1 or HL7 2.5.1 message format, then your agency/office meets the stage 1 meaningful use criteria for syndromic surveillance, as defined by ONC and CMS.

However, if your EHR system is not ONC-certified and you are not sending HL7 2.3.1 or HL7 2.5.1 formatted messages, you are not meeting CMS Meaningful Use.

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