HMS’ Planning Guide Provides Direction for Meaningful Use Implementation

Meaningful Use is an opportunity for Public Health to benefit from an influx of valuable health data. But some Public Health departments are experiencing challenges as they attempt to implement Meaningful Use. We’ve received feedback from Public Health professionals nationwide, and the feedback always came back to one topic—making implementation simpler and more intuitive.

To respond to these requests, HMS has created a Meaningful Use Planning Guide that outlines step-by-step directions on what needs to be done to comply with Meaningful Use regulations. The guide addresses challenges at the government level—as well as how to build positive relationships with medical societies and hospital associations.

We understand that Public Health professionals are handling calls from physicians’ practices and hospitals—with questions about deadlines and what needs to be done to achieve compliance.

The Meaningful Use Planning Guide was designed to help you provide the Meaningful Use leadership and guidance that medical professionals in your region are seeking. The Guide will be a continually updated with new information as we glean information that simplifies the implementation process.

Our goal is to provide you with the best of all worlds—a simple roadmap to Meaningful Use compliance, an information-rich stream of data to help you better monitor the public’s health, and positive relationships with the physicians’ practices and hospitals in your region.

To learn more about the Guide and how it can help you in your Meaningful Use implementation process, please contact Lauren Bradford at HMS.

About Health Monitoring Systems, Inc.

HMS ( is a privately held company specializing in healthcare data analysis. The company processes and analyzes health‐related data in real time via a Software‐as‐a‐Service (SaaS) approach. Using this approach, HMS enables clients to increase their understanding of regional health conditions, improve quality and efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance.

The company’s EpiCenter™ system is a first of its kind community health surveillance system for public health. HMS collects and analyzes data from more than 500 healthcare facilities across the country.

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