In 2008, Health Monitoring Systems had connected its 300th hosptial to the EpiCenter System.  At the time, this was the largest health information exchange in the country. 

While explaining this milestone to Kimberly Lyons-Neel, a hospital executive, lightening struck.  Ms. Lyons-Neel immediately grasped the significance of Health Monitoring Systems’ large health information exchange.  “You know what would be really great?  If you could get information to the nurses about patients’ medication.  These new JCAHO requirements are really hard on nursing.”

With that conversation, MediCenter was born. 

MediCenter provides valuable health information at the point of care.  Here, where the information is needed most, it can positively affect clinical decision making and the quality of care.  By leveraging the infrastructure already established at Health Monitoring Systems, MediCenter is a demonstration of effective, affordable health information exchange. 

MediCenter represents a significant step forward in how healthcare thinks about health information exchange. 

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