MediCenter’s straight-forward design makes it simple for hospitals to get going.  Our project management team has an easy-to-follow checklist of items for hospitals to review.  These items include operational aspects that ensure administrative, legal, and clinical issues are addressed. 

The IT implementation of the MediCenter service is straightforward as well.  In less than a week, Health Monitoring Systems’ team can have the MediCenter Web Reconciliation service working for you. 

To support successful incorporation of MediCenter into routine work processes, Health Monitoring Systems offers MediCenter as a distinct set of services.  These include:

  • Automated Medication History Service
  • Medication Reconciliation Service
  • Medication Sync Integration Service

With the Automated Medication History and Medication Reconciliation Services, hospitals can use MediCenter’s web-based interface to view and manage patient medication history.  This lowers the cost of deployment for hospitals and the bar of entry for facilities to begin automation of the medication reconciliation process.

The Medication Sync Integration Service provides a way to distribute information regarding medication history to other areas of the hospital, including pharmacy and inpatient admissions to ensure that the entire team has the information they need to provide the best care possible. 

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